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  • Brides in Rockville trust Cleaners Max to exercise great care and professionalism with their most cherished clothing. Preserve wedding day memories by having your dress professionally cleaned, stored and sealed.

    A wedding dress is one of the most special pieces of clothing a person can wear during their lifetime, and we respect that wholeheartedly. For this reason, it's so important to preserve your wedding dress and its memories. It couldn't be more essential that you have it cleaned and stored in a particular way to prevent fading, damage, and aging. Luckily for you, we can help.

    We will heirloom your wedding gown or other special keepsakes and preserve them in a UV protective and decorative container. You will treasure your professionally preserved wedding dress for years and generations to come.

  • About Wedding & Formal Gowns Preservation

    1. We hand-treat and clean each gown individually – never in combination with other dresses. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.
    2. We use acid-free tissue to protect your gown and enclose it in a completely triple layered, acid-free, archival quality wedding chest. As an added protection, our boxes are enclosed in a 100% cotton muslin cover. We have several sizes so we can fit your unique gown into the appropriate size! Acid-free windows for viewing your treasured memories are available.
    3. Do you need to clean or press your gown before the big day?  Anything to do with cleaning, restoring, pressing or preserving your wedding gown is our specialty. We want you to look fabulous for your special day.
    4. For wedding gown preservation we typically request between two and four weeks, but if you have a special request, just ask. Most likely, we can accommodate your needs.
    5. It is best to have your wedding dress cleaning and preservation done as soon as possible after the wedding. Over time, stains become more difficult to remove, so the sooner your gown is cleaned and preserved, the better results you will have. Unprotected it will fade and yellow, or even deteriorate and become brittle in spots. Consider asking a trusted friend or relative to bring your gown in right after the wedding.

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