• Silk & Linen

  • Silk and Linen Dry Cleaning

    Silks and linens are two materials that almost always require dry cleaning. These materials have a tendency to snag very easily which is why you do not want to throw them into your washer and dryer with all your other clothes.

    Silk dry clean only clothes are stated as such because machine washing these clothes may cause shrinking. There is nothing worse than losing a beautiful blouse to the shrinking power of the washing machine. Also, silk dry clean only clothes, if washed, may gain water-spots which is why it is important to also never use steam to press silk dry clean only clothing.

    As for linen dry clean only clothing, washing causes them to go soft. To keep your linen dry clean only clothing crisp and new-looking you’ll want to dry clean them periodically.

    If you do not want to worry about damaging your silk dry clean only and linen dry clean only clothing then bring them to Cleaners Max, trusted dry cleaning Rockville.  We will take care of all your clothes with our professional and experienced staff.