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    Clothing made of silk, velvet, wool and other delicate materials are best washed at professional dry cleaners, as these items are prone to damage when exposed to water or inexperienced hands.

    We follow the care label (and know what all those symbols mean!) so your clothes get the clean that they deserve.

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    Our dry cleaners Rockville service is perfect for anything you want cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger.

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    Our aim is to serve the local community with a friendly and sensibly priced service within the dry cleaning, laundry and tailoring fields. We offer our customers the highest level of service, be they domestic or commercial, and we take pride in our quality service that is tailored to meet customer needs. Attention to detail is important to us, as is your trust and ensuring your garments are treated with the utmost respect. You can rest assured you will receive what you’re looking for from us.

    Rockville, MD

    Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County, MD and is part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. It’s one of the largest communities within the state, the third-largest in Montgomery County after Germantown and Silver Springs. As of the 2010 US Census, Rockville’s population was 61,209.

    The city is neighbored by Gaithersburg and Bethesda which make up the core of what’s known as the Interstate 270 Technology Corridor. This corridor is home to many technologies, software, and biotechnology companies in addition to several federal government agencies. This area is also one of the major retail hubs in the county, so you’ll find many upscale retail hubs.

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    Rockville has a storied history that dates way back to 8000 BC. Thanks to its location, it provided a refuge for nomadic Native Americans. Sometime later, some of these nomadic groups began to settle down in the area. This was a possibility thanks to the naturally plentiful plants in the area that allowed for year-round agriculture. The indigenous people carved a path on the high ground, which was called Sinequa Trail, which is now modern-day downtown Rockville.

    Around 1200 AD, conflicts began to arise with other Native American groups coming from New York and Pennsylvania. By 1700, pressure from European colonists drove the Native American inhabitants out of the area. There have been several prehistoric sites uncovered in the area that contained dozens of ancient artifacts that were thousands of years old, which are now local treasures.

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    As the natives were driven away and European settlers began to told hold, a man named Arthur Nelson obtained the first land patents between the years of 1717 and 1735. Around 30 years later, the first buildings in Rockville were erected in what’s now the center of Rockville. Amongst these buildings was a small inn called Owen’s Ordinary.

    In the early days, Rockville was known as Rockville. In fact, it was called a number of different things because it was small and not yet incorporated. These names included Hungerford’s Tavern, Owen’s Ordinary, and Daley’s Tavern. The first known mention of the town being called Rockville was in 1755.

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    In 1776, Montgomery County was officially formed, and Rockville was chosen as the county seat because of its centrally located, convenient location.

    Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the town began to grow and flourish. Especially with the 1873 addition of the Baltimore and Ohio Railway.

    Today, Rockville is known as one of America’s best small cities for work, play, and life in general. It’s filled with vibrant, highly educated residents and is brimming with some of the most prominent Biomed and tech companies in the US. It’s a city that’s proud of its roots and remains committed to citizen-centric public service.

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